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Right now we are working on another home in Rocklin CA. This will be a great tile roof on a very well known and cheerful street: Here the before and during pics. strand before strand during The best one to come ! Thank you very much to all our new friends who trust our company to make this great transformations. We are very happy to have you now as more and more happy customers !Ms Ngyuen home Erick Steindorf Zee's home Hagerty Estate Gray, Teal and Onyx Black; all from Owens Corning. These three homes are in the middle of great transformations: Thank you very much Ladies and Gentlemen for trusting us your projects! Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. V. for trusting us your project! Thank you for your reviews! Mr and Mrs. D. As we spoke, your home looks great and the best thing is the years to come! Thank you for your recommendations! Mr. J. Congrats for your new roof! It was a pleasure helping you, and even more congratulations for your coming baby baby! pic c Hagerty 7 pic 1   Make sure you don’t have this problem in the future: A gutter installation will need some planing, steel or aluminum the catch soil and produce some rust, Be aware of it. your roof should last very long beautiful, protective and secure! this one here is only a few years old!   Stained roof   Here a duplex home in north Sacramento. duplex in Aztec Thanks a lot to both homeowners for trusting and considering us your best option. Cool picture, right?


Here is a bigger picture where shows the effect of an skytube. Thank you asking for it Mrs. J.R. skylight tube

Here one of the new colors on the new palette of Owens Corning Artisan Colors. We love them all but this is the first we install. Quite different and highlight the earthy tones of brown. A leaf green trim and gutters were applied to this home as the homeowners are getting ready to repaint into something spectacular. We just cant wait to see ! Thank you very much Mr.B. for trusting us this important stage of your home transformation. We are very happy to see you are happy with our job and thankful for the opportunity you gave us. Mr. B home Little times we have the chance to work for a customer who ends to be an exterior designer. The vivid colors of this home along with the green environment and our Desert Tan roof make it very spectacular! I love it. Thank you very much Mr. S. for trusting us this project, we are happy you feel very satisfied!Mr Steinharth home The beautiful and bold look of Duration Max in Mr.and Mrs. P. home: No words needed: Just look at the picture! Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. It is an honor to serve you! Mr. Parsons Home Another beautiful roof, On Antelope CA. Thank you Very Much Mr. and Mrs. T. for trusting us for this very important project. Mr. Mrs Terry home Have you seen the Beauty of Bartile? bARTILE Bartile is a custom roofing system that  not only protects your home; it enhances and beautify the most elegant houses. Architectural designs and colors for the most demanding customers. Absolutely astonishing systems for the most upscaled homes. A quick look? Here, please enjoy the view: 5145 Grosvenor house   Mr. B. decided to get his roof in this Slate Gray color. Thank you very Much Mr B. for trusting us your project! Mr Brester's home

Mr B. also ordered a new Sky tube, he got a large 10″ for his hall, as hes floor plan expands generously the Sky tube really lights the whole area, see for yourselves! It worth to mention that was a very cloudy day, sky tube The pale shade of this beautiful light gray roof really enhances the house accordingly to near to start paint job this home will get. Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. A. for trusting us. We are very happy you are guys!  Mr Apiado home after roogins

This time is a TPO ROOF over a low slope home in Sacramento area. Over here welding the thick protection for this home… First layer of fiberglass mat, applied over the newly installed wooden sheeting. A second mat will be applied, The TPO (Vinyl) layer goes in top of those fastened and inter welded as you see in the next video. Permanent solution. Clean, aesthetic, protective and insulating. CAM01790 CAM01793

The crew receiving the materials in top of the roof. Special request from our customer, we delivered! We worked this home for on Owens Corning Driftwood color. Today is all great and finished. Great job guys, our customer is very happy with the job; Thank you very much Mr. Riven for trusting us on this great project. I am happy you are happy!


CAM01784 CAM01785 CAM01786 CAM01787 Hello! We did it again! THis beautiful home has now a great new roof. Teak in colors and with the full Owens Corning Guarantee! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. R for trusting us this important project. – We are very impressed on how clean and professional the crew is!  I am very satisfied. CAM01758 A very nice before and after set of pictures of another happy customer. Mrs. S. thank you very much for trusting your project to us, we are very proud of had the opportunity to help you. Thank you. A beautiful Sierra Gray roof replaced the old wood shakes. Seamless gutters to make this the last time she had to think on her roof. Ms. Shells before Ms. Shells Pic 2 Mr. and Mrs. K. thank you for your business. Sometimes things delay a bit, but we never left a customer behind ! We promised and delivered! Thank you for your trust ! mr Kim Mr. Mrs. Z. Owens Corning 30 yrrs. Comp. Oakridge Shingles on Brownwood color. Great roof and a great deal. Another Happy customer. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Z. CAM01681 CAM01676 CAM01678 ITS THAT WONDERFUL ! This family decided to include ONE Skylight Tube in their bathroom when re roofing with Owens Corning Shingles. Please notice how dark is the hall outside the bathroom and how bright is inside! None of the eight light bulbs is needed anymore for daylight use of that personal and now bright place. Pure and free natural light! It is that awesome ! skylight tube Our quality roofs reflect our forever commitment of satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. No matter if is an efficient 30 yrs. composition roof or a sophisticated upscaled light tile roof on a special custom design. We do it all ! And our commitment is always the same, its always about YOU! The former shingles showing the fibers was a big concern to this homeowner, We replaced with new Owens Corning “Oakridge” on Driftwood color, added two new skytubes, extra ventilation and new gutters and downspouts. The change made an incredible effect on Mrs. B.  Home. She immediately found a cooler home. Got a better place to read without electricity and also peace of mind, knowing the old leaky gutters won’t stain her freshly painted home! Thanks for your words and encouragement, Ms. B. We really appreciate your business! CAM00876CAM00902 (2) – With my new ventilation system, I noticed immediately the difference inside my home. I am very happy ! Mrs. B.